About Us

Two brothers brought up in the depression era farm land of East Texas and recently discharged from the military at the end of World War 2, came to Houston in pursuit of employment. Finding work as safe and door closer technicians they soon pooled their savings and in 1949 purchased Acme Safe and Lock Service Company, a company whose roots dated back to the late 1890's.

These two brothers having a strong work ethic took this small safe and door closer repair company and began to mold it into the largest service company in Houston, providing locksmith service to both commercial and residential customers. With their knowledge of the door closer industry they brought defective closers in from South Texas and Louisiana schools, repaired them and then returned them to the customer. Being one of the few vendors that would call on South Texas schools, their services often included supplying items otherwise unavailable in the small towns dotting the Texas Valley, items renting from basketballs and baseballs to window sashes, all of which could be purchased through their business and resold to these schools.

As Houston's skyline grew, Acme grew, providing service and materials to the contractors and tenants of high rise office towers, hospitals, universities and many other institutions. When Houston's door hardware supply icon, Peden Iron and Steel closed, the opportunity for Acme to step in and fill the void in lock and door closer supply was seized. Today there is no service department and door closer repair is a thing of the past, yet the warehouse has grown and our construction, institution and commercial property customers find the material they need in Acme's warehouse, which contains 6000 different line items representing more than 100 manufactures.

Today, two brothers still control Acme, a second generation in 1994 purchased Acme Safe & Lock, later changing the name to Acme Architectural Hardware while continuing the tradition of service and quality.